Ever notice how some screwdrivers have icons stamped or molded on the butt end of their handles? The icons tell you the type of screwdriver you’ve picked up – slotted, Philips or square head – without having to look at the tip, but they’re handy for even more…

If you’ve never owned or used screwdrivers with this handy feature before, you’ve been missing out. Here are three reasons why.

1. Instant identification

Anyone with a toolbox knows they get cluttered, especially when you’re lugging it from job to job with everything you need.

  • Big, bold icons make the screwdrivers easier to instantly identify in a cluttered toolbox, because they really stand out. For you that means less time wasted rummaging around for a tool that might not even be there.

2. Easier to see

It can be annoying trying to find stuff on a busy workbench, especially when there’s lots of it. Many workbenches tend to be catch-alls for everything you’ll “put away later.”

  • Having icons on the handles of your screwdrivers makes grabbing the size and type you need a simple one-glance operation. That means fewer distractions so you can better focus on the task at hand.

3. Effortless storage and retrieval

If you prefer to keep your tools orderly, then icons will prove to be a real plus. They make organizing your screwdrivers neatly together – whether hanging on a wall, tucked in a tool belt or stowed in a bucket organizer – straightforward.

  • Selecting and retrieving screwdrivers is a breeze because you’ll always know exactly where they are without having to look at the tip. Just grab ‘n’ go.

A feature worth considering

Not all screwdrivers have icons on the end of their handles. It can vary when you compare different screwdrivers by price and product line. Nonetheless, if you’re a pro or simply someone who uses your tools often, then it’s a practical feature on quality screwdrivers worth considering.

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