Certified Lifetime

Wood Chisel Set (3-Pc.)


What makes this 3-piece chisel set ideal for anyone who works with wood, whether as a hobby or for a living, is that it includes the most commonly used sizes for big and small jobs: 1-inch-, 3/4-inch- and 1/2-inch blades. Their bevelled, heat-treated edges and one-piece shatterproof handles make these chisels perfect for professionals who demand quality and expect balance, as well as for DIYers who appreciate perfection and want durability in their tools. From large-scale construction jobs and major renovations to home improvement projects and minor repairs, this versatile 3-piece wood chisel set will prove indispensable.

  • Steel cutting edges are heat treated to stay sharp longer and prevent chipping
  • Easy-to-grip ergonomic handle allows for more precise cuts
  • One-piece shatterproof handle resists most greases and chemicals so it cleans easily
  • Includes: 1-in. (25 mm), 3/4-in. (20 mm), 1/2-in. (12 mm) chisels

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