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Strap Wrench Set with 4- and 6-3/8-In. Clamping Diameters (2-Pc.)


This non-slip strap wrench set is perfect for virtually any job around the house or at work where you want to hold material tight without scratching it. The super tough strap made of reinforced rubber grips and holds a variety of shapes that standard clamps can’t. In addition, the ergonomic frame made from robust polycarbonate makes tightening and loosening the straps fast and easy. This 2-piece set can clamp materials up to 4 inch and 6-3/8 inch in diameter, respectively.

  • Reinforced non-slip rubber strap easily holds a variety of shapes standard clamps can’t
  • Ergonomic frame makes tightening and loosening rubber straps easy
  • Strap wrenches clamp materials up to 4 inch and 6 3/8 inch in diameter, respectively
  • Rubber strap won’t scratch surfaces

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