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Square Head PRO Composite Handle Screwdrivers



The advantage of a square head screwdriver is that it automatically self-centers when you insert it into a screw head, which is especially handy if you can’t see well where you’re working. Moreover, it won’t slip out no matter how much torque you apply, which is great for working one-handed. With a hardened chrome-vanadium (CrV) steel blade for durability and featuring a tapered, triple-injected composite handle for improved grip and wear-resistance, every professional’s toolbox needs at least one of these square head PRO composite handle screwdrivers.

  • Chrome-vanadium (CrV) steel blade for durability
  • Ergonomic tapered design ensures firm grip
  • Triple-injected composite handle prevents slipping
  • Precision-machined square head is self-centering
  • Available in assorted sizes

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