Certified Lifetime

PRO Titanium Split-Point Drill Bits


An extra-tough job demands tools that won’t give up. That’s why these Fuller Tool PRO drill bits with their titanium nitride coating should be your first choice whatever the task at hand. The titanium provides improved wear resistance, which means easier drilling and longer life – up to six times longer than regular high-speed-steel (HSS) bits. What’s more, the large flute chambers were designed to prevent clogging no matter the drilling surface. Engineered with a 135-degree split-point tip, few other drill bits offer the same “bite” and penetrating performance.

  • Large flute chambers prevent clogging
  • Titanium nitride coating lasts up to 6x longer than normal HSS drill bits
  • Efficient 135° split-point tip for fast penetration of work surfaces
  • Side taper ensures smooth accurate holes
  • Available in 1/16-in., 5/64-in., 3/32-in., 7/64-in., 1/8-in., 9/64-in., 5/32-in., 11/64-in., 3/16-in., 13/64-in., 7/32-in., 15/64-in., 1/4-in., 9/32-in., 5/16-in., 11/32-in., 3/8-in., 13/32-in., 7/16-in., 15/32-in. and 1/2-in. sizes