Certified Lifetime

PRO Jacketed Square Head Screwdrivers


These jacketed square head screwdrivers are both industrial strength and professional quality all in one. The soft cushion-grip handle cradles your hand in comfort and helps to prevent blisters, while the durable blade – solidly anchored in place with flanges – is engineered to make driving or removing stubborn screws a breeze. What’s more, precision machining ensures a perfect self-centering fit onto screw heads each time, making it easy to work one-handed or in “hidden” spots.

  • Tough steel blade ensures strength and durability
  • Precision-machined for a perfect fit
  • Square head is self-centering
  • Soft cushion grip handle provides maximum comfort and torque
  • Flanges integrated within the handles firmly holds blades in place
  • Available in other sizes