Certified Lifetime

PRO Heavy-Duty Wood Chisel Set (3-Pc.)


Anyone who uses their tools to earn a living knows a well-built tool is worth more than its weight in gold. This 3-piece set of heavy-duty PRO series wood chisels, engineered to retain their sharp edges longer and featuring a hard-wearing steel butt that can survive a battering, is ideal for both pros and DIYers alike who demand craftsmanship and balance. From creating a dovetail joint to detailing a home woodworking project, these wood chisels deliver perfection every time.

  • Heat-treated cutting edge ensures sharpness and prevents chipping
  • Ergonomic handle allows for better grip and control
  • One-piece shatterproof handles resist dirt and clean easily
  • Steel butt can withstand a heavy pounding without damage
  • Includes ½-inch wide (12 mm), ¾-inch wide (20 mm) and 1-inch wide (25 mm) chisels

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