Certified Lifetime

Precision 14-in-1 Screwdriver Set


Whether it’s to repair eye glasses, change a battery in your child’s toy, loosen a tiny (but hidden) screw, or you’re a hobbyist who simply wants a quality set of precision screwdrivers, this 14-piece set will definitely do the job. The small size makes it ideal for delicate work such as on crafts, electronics, computers and precision repairs. Moreover, the sturdy steel construction ensure the blades always fit snugly into place, reducing the risk of slippage. Pivoting caps and a composite handle afford these precision screwdrivers better grip and control.

  • Magnetic tips hold blades in place
  • Pivoting caps allow for one-handed use
  • Precision-ground blades for a secure fit
  • Handy storage case for transport and organization
  • Includes Slotted (2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm), Phillips (#00, #0, #1), Torx (T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, 2 x T15, T20)