Certified Lifetime

Power Tool Hook with Electric Cord Hanger


For any homeowner who loves the convenience of power tools, but hates the hassle of power cords, this combination power tool hook with electrical cord hanger is the answer to your prayers. The double-arm hook securely cradles practically any power tool – everything from weed trimmers to drills – while the single hook below serves to hang a coiled electrical or extension cord.

  • Features a combination double-arm hook to securely hold power tools, along with a single hook for wrapping electrical cords
  • Foam rubber keeps everything nestled firmly on hooks
  • Can be mounted on slatwall or attached to a solid vertical surface using the two pre-drilled holes
  • When not in use or in tight spaces, the hook swivels to the side
  • Holds up to 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms)