Certified Lifetime

Phillips Head PRO Screwdrivers


A quality screwdriver, like this PRO series Phillips screwdriver, is worth it’s weight in gold. The precision-milled Phillips head fits snugly into screws and allows for maximum torque without slippage. Manufactured from chrome-vanadium (CrV) steel for durability and featuring a large, fluted handle for solid grip, this hard wearing screwdriver can withstand the tough demands of the jobsite.

  • Chrome-vanadium (CrV) steel blade with heat-treated tip for durability
  • Large fluted handle for solid grip made from shatterproof acetate
  • Precision-machined Philips head fits securely into screw slots
  • Available in other sizes
  • Also sold in bulk quantities





Item # Description Tip Width Length
110-0311 PRO Phillips Screwdriver (Stubby) #2 1-1/2-In.
110-0312 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #1 3-In.
110-0313 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #2 4-In.
110-0314 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #3 6-In.
110-0321 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #0 3-In.
110-1312 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #1 8-in.
110-1313 PRO Phillips Screwdriver #2 8-in.