Certified Lifetime

Offset Screwdriver Set (3-Pc.)


This 3-piece offset screwdriver set is perfect for tight or awkward spaces where a regular screwdriver won’t fit. With a knurled shaft for better grip, their hardened blades are engineered to grip the most commonly used types of screws, including slotted, Phillips and square. For maximum torque in cramped work areas, these offset screwdrivers are hard to beat.

  • Knurled shaft for better grip
  • Hardened steel for durability
  • Assorted sizes to fit the most commonly used screw heads
  • Three-piece set includes: 1 slotted screwdriver (1/4-in. x 6-in., 3/16-in. x 6-in.); 1 Phillips screwdriver (#1, #2); 1 square screwdriver (#1, #2)

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