Certified Lifetime

Insulated Screwdriver Set (6-Pc.)


Guaranteed safe up to 1,000V AC, this set of 6 all-insulated screwdrivers is a must for anyone who plans to work with electricity. The injection-molded handle provides a firm grip, while the blade is coated in vinyl for additional protection of the user.

  • Ergonomic injection-molded handle
  • Sturdy blade coated in vinyl
  • Tested to 10,000V; guaranteed safe up to a maximum of 1,000V AC
  • Set includes Slotted (1/4-in. x 4-in., 3/16-in. x 4-in.) Phillips (#1 x 3-in., #2 x 4-in.) and Square (#1 x 3-in., #2 x 4-in.)