Certified Lifetime

Heavy Duty Screw-In Bicycle Hooks


A quality bicycle can be expensive. What’s more, they can also weigh more, especially if they have a heavier frame. To ensure your bike is held solidly when storing it, you’ll want to have a set of these heavy-duty bicycle hooks on hand. Rated to hold up to 30 pounds each, they readily screw into a solid wooden post or beam without tools and make stowing – and retrieving – your bike fast and easy. The foam rubber ensures the finish on your frame or tire rim doesn’t get gouged, scratched, scuffed or marred.

  • Made from heavy-duty steel for durability
  • Foam rubber helps to protect your bike’s finish from getting gouged or scratched
  • Fast installation requires no tools
  • Each hook holds up to 30 pounds (13.4 kilograms)