Certified Lifetime

Flexible Multi-Bit Extender Set (11-Pc.)


For working in tight spaces or at awkward angles, this flexible bit tip and drill extender can be a real life saver. Designed to accomodate the 10 standard-size drill bits that are included in this set, as well as 1/4-inch hex drive bits, the extender efficiently transfers torque to the inserted drill bit no matter the angle or twist.

  • Readily accepts 1/4-inch hex drive bits and standard size screwdriver bits
  • Ideal for working in tight quarters or at awkward angles
  • Flexible extender adds 12 inches to your reach
  • Includes 10 standard screwdriver bits: Slotted (3/16 in. x 2 in., 1/4 in. x 2 in.); Phillips (#1 x 2 in., #1 x 3 in., #2 x 2 in., #2 x 3 in.); Square (#1 x 2in., #1 x 3 in., #2 x 2 in., #2 x 3 in.)