Certified Lifetime

Flat Pry Bars


When to comes to pulling rusty nails from wood; prying chipped ceramic tiles off walls; lifting carpet tack strips from floors, or removing layers of built-up gunk from surfaces, few tools are as handy as this flat pry bar. Made from heat-treated steel for durability, it was engineered to perform under the toughest conditions, with edges specially bevelled for a wide array of professional and home DIYer applications. So, whatever your needs – from repair and renovation to demolition work – this multi-use scraper and pry bar is a must-have at home or on the job site.

  • Heat-treated carbon steel ensures durability
  • Edges specially bevelled for pulling, lifting and scraping
  • Slotted end for pulling nails plus a scraper on the other for removing old paint and gunk
  • Available in other sizes/lengths