Certified Lifetime

Composite-Handle Screwdriver Set with CrV Blades (6-Pc.)


With a composite handle for easy grip and lightness and chrome-vanadium steel blades made to withstand repeated use, this 6-piece set offers homeowners the quality screwdrivers they need most often at an affordable price. It’s the perfect screwdriver set for first-time home buyers who are working on a tight budget, combined with the toughness of CrV steel so it’s sure to last for years to come.

Durable composite handle for easy grip and lightness
Tough CrV steel blades for enhanced strength and durability
Perfect for first-time homeowners on a budget
Set includes Slotted (1/4-in. x 4-in., 3/16-in. x 3-in.) Phillips (#1 x 3-in., #2 x 4-in.) and Square (#1 x 3-in., #2 x 4-in.) screwdrivers