Certified Lifetime

6-In. PRO End-Cutting Nippers


A good set of nippers, like these PRO series 6-inch end cutters, are designed to slice through everything from wire and springs to rivets and bolts with ease. What’s more, the flattened head won’t damage surfaces when you nip off protruding nails, yet it still provides maximum strength and leverage for twisting and pulling. For superior comfort and control, the handle features a non-slip cushion grip. Induction-heat-treated cutting edges stay sharp even after prolonged heavy-duty use.

  • Sturdy head designed for maximum strength and leverage
  • Induction heat-treated cutting edges stay sharp longer
  • Ideal for nipping wire and cutting off protruding nails
  • Cushioned grip for comfort and greater control
  • Designed to cut close to surfaces
  • Sold in bulk quantities

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