Certified Lifetime

6-In. Miniature Needlenose Pliers


A pair of quality, miniature needlenose pliers is like having another set of hands. That’s why these 6-in. miniature needlenose pliers are so handy for working in tight spaces or with small things: their heat-treated jaws are hard wearing to always ensure a firm grip. In addition, the cushioned non-slip grip provides better comfort and control while working on a delicate job. They’re ideal for turning, grasping and gripping small or hard-to-reach pieces.

  • Induction heat-treated jaws for strength and durability
  • Slim head extends into spaces too tight for fingers
  • Cushioned grip for comfort and greater control
  • Perfect for holding, bending and snipping delicate wire
  • Ideal for artisans, hobbyists, professional tradespeople