Certified Lifetime

33-Ft. x 1-1/4-In. SAE + Metric Ultra-Wide Tape Measure


For professional tradespeople and avid DIYers who expect a lot from their tools, this 33-foot SAE and metric tape measure is sure to deliver. The blade is wider than on regular measuring tapes, making it easier to read. What’s more, the moulded composite case not only protects again impact if the tape id dropped, it provides better grip. Once you’ve finished measuring, the powerful auto-return mechanism quickly retracts the blade, until you need it again. There’s even a belt clip to keep this measuring tape within easy reach.

  • Features a handy belt clip for fast access
  • Provides precise measurements in both SAE and metric units
  • Ultra-wide 1-1/4-inch blade is very easy to read
  • Powerful auto-return blade that extends up to 33 feet
  • Impact-resistant moulded composite case protects and provides grip