Certified Lifetime

3/8-In. Drive PRO Quick-Release Ratchet Handle


Good sockets are so much more useful when teamed up with a quality ratchet, like this PRO 3/8-inch-drive reversible ratchet from Fuller® Tool. Made from fully-polished chrome-vanadium steel for strength, durability and rust resistance, the contoured 8-inch handle is not only more comfortable to use, but allows for greater torque. What’s more, reversing direction of the ratcheting mechanism is as simple as flicking a small lever. This ratchet is a must-have for your toolbox at home or at work.

  • Chrome-vanadium steel for strength and durability
  • Contoured handle for greater comfort and torque
  • Quick-release mechanism for convenience
  • Fully-polished chrome plating resists rust
  • Easy-to-switch direction lever
  • Handle measures 8-in.