Certified Lifetime

22-Oz. Wavex™ Framing Hammer


This 22-ounce framing hammer has all of the features a professional needs, including: a heavy-duty reinforced fibreglass shaft that absorbs the shock of each hammer strike; a milled face to prevent the hammer from sliding off the nail head when striking a blow; and a grippy ergonomic handle that won’t ruin surfaces when you give them a gentle tap with the butt end. The heavier 22-ounce weight of this hammer also makes driving in nails faster and easier.

  • Wavex™ shock-absorbing shaft reduces muscle strain
  • Milled, heat-treated face provides durability and reduces the risk of glancing blows while framing
  • Non-slip, composite handle for secure grip and comfort; polypropylene butt end ensures non-marring taps
  • Weighs 22 ounces (624 grams)