Certified Lifetime

21-Oz. PRO One-Piece Steel Framing Hammer


The one-piece construction of this 21-ounce PRO framing hammer gives it the rigidity and strength needed for any job around the house or on the work site. Heat treating makes this hammer all but indestructible, so you can swing it with full force knowing it can handle the worst punishment you can deliver. From driving nails to ripping out old wooden studs, this is sure to become the first hammer you reach for in your toolbox.

  • One-piece construction designed for heavy-duty use
  • Triple-composite grip for better control
  • Improved ergonomic design for greater comfort
  • Durable black powder coat finish resists grime
  • Slightly beveled edge prevents chipping
  • Milled face reduces the risk of glancing blows
  • Weighs 21 ounces


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