Certified Lifetime

20 TPI Replacement Super-Fine Scroll Cutting Saber Saw Blades (2-Pc.)


When doing super fine scrollwork, accuracy matters more than ever. That’s why you’ll want to replace the old, dull blade in your saber saw with this quality replacement blade from Fuller® Tool. Available in a handy two-pack, these scroll blades are made from tough steel for durability and precision-ground for maximum cutting performance. What’s more with their 20 teeth per inch (TPI), they were designed to deliver clean, efficient and super-fine scroll cuts time after time.

  • Made from tough steel for clean, efficient cuts
  • Features 20 teeth per inch (TPI) ideal for cutting super fine scrolls in wood
  • Convenient two-pack easily stashes in your toolbox
  • Overall length: 2-3/4-in.