At Fuller we aim to deliver hand tools that meet the needs of an ever changing workforce. That’s why we’re proud to launch our next generation of hand tools – trusted by pros and homeowners alike to always get the job done right.

Among the innovations you’ll see…


We’ve re-imagined our hammers, from claw and ripping to mallets and ball peen, and made them even better. Along with their legendary quality that means:

  • Ergonomically enhanced grip for more comfort and control
  • Durable black powder coat finish to resist grime and wear
  • Streamlined handle for improved balance and swing







Fuller’s redesigned pliers – including diagonal, linesman, miniature and slip joint – now grab tighter, cut cleaner, twist harder and pull stronger than ever thanks to:
Next generation Fuller slip-joint pliers (Item Number 405-3928

  • Beefier, more contoured grips that help reduce strain
  • Solid double-composite grips for a sturdier grasp
  • Larger forgings for latching onto surfaces easier







Whether for wood, masonry or metal, and featuring a full tang, long blade or steel butt, Fuller chisels will perform “like new” for years no matter the task, with:

  • Larger hand guards for extra job-site protection
  • Heftier handles to help bigger hands grip better
  • Longer and wider tangs for improved leverage







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